CHC Board Minutes: January 3, 2020

Board of Directors meeting
Jan. 3, 2020

President Rob Elder called the meeting to order. Also present: Greg Karp, Flynn McRoberts, Tahman Bradley, Claire Bushey, Mike Ewing, Susan S. Stevens and on the phone: Stan Zoller, Howard Dubin, Maria Zamudio, Alejandra Cancino, Jeff Black, Suzanne McBride, Amanda Vinicky, Ben Meyerson and Jason Martin.

FOIAFest: Maria said she has complete funding, thanks to the Dubin and McCormick foundations. She needed help with a couple of panels, and Jeff, Amanda and Suzanne stepped forward. Needs to get out flyers and Eventbrite set up asap.

President’s report: Rob asked everyone to recruit members. Susan said reports we are two up from this time last year, to 204, though we know it is deficient. (She’s attaching the new member roster.)
Note the Jan. 11 brand-building event. More from Mike later.

SPJ sponsorship task force, which Rob is on, meets again Monday. Rob has not received the results of the member survey. He wants SPJ policy more aligned with ONA – not take money from anyone who attacks journalists or disagrees with our mission. Alejandra said regardless of the funding issue, panels should be 100% chosen by SPJ. Lisagor entry form is up and circulating, thanks to Madhu, Ben, etc.

We did OK with the free tickets to”Bombshell” and “Richard Jewell.” A third movie night is coming up, a documentary about film critic Pauline Kael, at the Siskel.

Congratulations to Stan on his latest journalism education award.

Treasurer’s report: Greg said Lisagor entry fees are beginning to trickle in (this is our biggest fundraiser).
On Dec. 31, 2019, we had $5,316 in checking and $73,986 in savings. CHCF cleared about $6,000 at its Toast the Truth benefit.

FOIAFest accounting will be done the same way as last year: CHC does the work, CHCF pays for it.

Programs: Mike said he had 45 RSVPs for the brand-building event, though since it’s free there will be a bunch of no-shows. About 15 attended the pivot tables event.

Rob said planning for the year has gone well, and it helps getting venues.

Lisagor: Ben said there were 35 entries already. Last year topped off around 900.

Tahman is set to handle reciprocal judging. If interested in helping, let him know.

Watchdog: Jason said information is out about applying for the award and grants.

Lifetime Achievement Awards: Flynn said the committee nominated Jim DeRogatis and Clarence Waldron. Board approved.

Minutes from the last two meetings were approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:46 a.m. Next meeting: Fri. Feb. 7.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens, secretary