Photos & recap: How to build your brand in 2020, from books to podcasts

Thanks to the Museum of Broadcast Communications for co-hosting such a lovely event with us.

We had amazing speakers for “How to build your brand in 2020, from books to podcasts” including:

Tracy Samantha SchmidtAaron CohenLori Rader-DayEthan MichaeliEric MaySammi SkolmoskiIsabel VázquezThanks also to fellow organizers Mike Ewing & Susy Schultz and her staff.

While there’s a lot more to it, here are some key takeaways from Tracy Schmidt on how to start building your own brand in 2020:

  • Decide what your goals are for the next year.
  • Study your “aspirational competitors.”
  • Do your research & study best practices / new techniques.
  • Create a buddy system that keeps you in check.
  • Quietly test news ideas and tactics. Learn from them.
  • Do more of what works. Change what doesn’t.

See below for photos: