Visit the Headline Club’s new store on

The Headline Club has a new store on Chicago’s own

So, show your support…in style.

We have new T-shirts, notebooks, mugs—even face masks.

Every dollar you spend goes to support our programs and journalists directly. Our year-round programs include FOIAfest, the Lisagor Awards and tech workshops. Our professional members also provide mentorship, feedback and networking opportunities for student journalists and freelancers.

Support. Connect. Protect.

Find the store here.

The Chicago Headline Club is the largest chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) in the nation. We provide training, scholarships, awards and community for our members.

Since 1921, we’ve administered grants and scholarships to investigative and student journalists—$134,000 in the last five years alone.

Journalism is the only profession named in the Bill of Rights. We continue to protect the First Amendment through our lobbying and outreach efforts, holding those in power accountable. Each year, we celebrate the achievements of more than 300 Chicago journalists at our annual Lisagor Awards. We also support the Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists, which helps journalists steer through ethical dilemmas.

So, buy a T-shirt, support the Chicago Headline Club. And remember, “Journalists do it on the record.”