CHC Board Meeting: October 1, 2021

Board of Directors meeting
Fri. Oct. 1, 2021

President Amanda Vinicky called the Zoom meeting to order at 9 a.m. Also present: Madhu Krishnamurthy, Mike Ewing, Adam Rhodes, Molly McDonough, Greg Karp, Robert Elder, Howard Dubin, Jason Martin, Matt Kiefer, Blair Kamin, Nader Issa, Ash-Har Quraishi , Catherine Larkin, Nona Tepper, Christine Wolf and Susan S. Stevens.

Minutes of the last meeting submitted by Susan were approved.

President’s report:

Amanda provided an update on Lisagor plaques, which are still a work in progress according to coordinator Kathy Catrambone.
Poynter asked us to help publicize a series of workshops for journalists of color. We will gladly do it.
Stacey Wescott will be our college coordinator.
We still need a social media/marketing person. Any volunteers?

Treasurer’s report:
Greg said we have about $80,000 in the bank now. In recent years, we have ranged from $60,000 to $106,000. We average $84,000.

Mike is finalizing a newsletter. He asks you to let him know if you have specific requests for help with your committees. He will include a membership survey to see what they want. Also wants a calendar, with our role as a connector for all journalism groups. Hopes to finish by Monday.

Nona plans an Oct. 10 membership social outdoors at Ludlow Liquors in Logan Square. We’ll maybe buy the first round of drinks.
On Oct. 21, she will have a virtual author-speaker event including Gary Cole and several other authors. She hopes to nail down a partnership with a book store. Can anyone help her create flyers?
In probably early November, we will have an event on covering communities of color.

Bowling league: Mike says the ninth season will be Tuesday evenings at Fireside Bowl in Logan Square. Teammates welcome!

FOIAFest: Matt said he’s trying to solidify plans before the end of the year. He is recruiting program ideas and panel organizers. Let him know. He needs to develop a budget and hire a coordinator or two. Nader suggests two, to make things more manageable. Both would be part-time, temporary jobs.
A survey developed by Maya Duksamova went to BootCamp mentorees to improve next year’s. A goal is to make mentor-mentee relations continue beyond the event.
Matt recommends FOIAFest be online again in 2022, but with some in-person component(s) for networking.

Lisagor: Cathy is in touch with the Union League Club where we have a contract (dating back to 2019). Tentative date for an in-person but hybrid event is Fri. May 13, 2022. She is trying to hire a new coordinator.

Emerging Journalists Award: first meeting of this committee will be Oct. 6, hosted by Taylor Moore.

Watchdog: Jason says he will be discussing with the Driehaus Foundation an expansion of its funding for additional purposes.

Meeting adjourned shortly after 10 a.m. Next meeting will be Fri. Nov. 5.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens, secretary