CHC Board Meeting: August 21, 2022

First reporting on an e-vote during the week for SPJ national conference delegates: Mike Ewing, Jillian Melero and Olivia Obineme will attend as our delegates. Suzanne McBride also will be there.

Susan Stevens reported on Saturday’s virtual SPJ board meeting. National conference delegates will vote on a board-approved change to one member, one vote, replacing the delegate system. We like it. SPJ Executive Director John Shertzer has accepted a new job and the board is negotiating with a possible interim executive director during a search for a new head of SPJ headquarters.

President Mike Ewing called the meeting to order at 11 a.m.

Others present: Tulsi Kamath, Carlos Ballesteros, Mary Hall, Jillian Melero, Ray Long, Veronica Harrison and Susan S. Stevens.

Each member gave a brief biography.

Mike gave a rundown on CHC history and committees. He said we will have mainly virtual programs and board meetings in the coming year though FOIAFest will be in-person as well as virtual and he would like the board to meet in-person quarterly.

Carlos expressed interest in the program and watchdog committees. Mary would like to be involved in programming. Jillian stepped forward for FOIAFest. Veronica wants to do marketing. Ray is interested in the Lifetime Achievement committee.

Board meetings will be at 9 a.m. first Fridays of the month EXCEPT September when we will meet the second Friday because of Labor Day weekend.

Discussion of possible programs included ideas relating to women, journalists of color, youth outreach, TicTok and mid-career journalists. Mike noted we are involved in bowling and softball teams.

Mike took a lot of notes and might add more to this.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens, secretary