Board Minutes – 01/2000


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

January 12, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 AM in the seventh floor atrium of the Sun-Times.

Attending: Howard Dubin, Molly McDonough, Pat Kosar, John Carpenter (elected to the board at the meeting) Diane Monk, Paula Brien, Christine Tatum, Mary Myers, Maria R, Traska, Marcia Barancik. Bob Roberts, Susan S. Stevens, John McClelland, Ed Cooper Casey Bukro (by phone), Doug Cummings (by phone)

Corrections; Anna Kukec(instead of Kuker), Mike Cordts (with an s), Internet Television Network (not Internet TV), Georgann Herbert (CBS, not Sun-Times) Marsha (not Marcia) Barancik , Howard Dubin (apparently I wrote Dubim) Towers(not Tower ) Prodcuctions and MacArthur (not McArthur)Foundation, Debbie Weixl, Diane Strzalka

Treasurer’s Report: Howard distributed the following figures:
Expenses since last report: (11799) Chicago Journalist: $1513.90 Membership: 181.43 Phone: 27.90 Lisagor 400.00 Ethics: 233.65 Traska: 20.50 Newsroom contact 250.00 lists: Knight(1st amendment 140.70 Prog.) Total: 2768.08

Income since last report (111799) Dues: $1320.00 Lisagor plaques 200.00 Total: 1600.00

Deficit for the period (1168.08) Deficit YTD (7414.03)

Assets: Bank One checking acct: 1551.51 Zurich Govt; Money Fund 29,487.52 1st Bank of Evanston CD 25000.00 Total: 56,040.03

Casey Bukro Ethics Report:
You might recall that I am working with the Loyola University Center for Ethics to collaborate on a program between them and us. As mentioned earlier, we’re considering three areas: Ethics training for journalists, an ethics hotline, and ethics forums. I’ll be meeting Thursday (Jan. 13) with the board of the ethics center to update members on meetings I’ve had with Dr. David Ozar, Chairman of the ethics center and reactions from the Headline Club Board. I’ve had responses from some of you, for which I’m grateful. As for the Ethics Award, the forms are mailed and I’ve mailed some forms to Business and Professional People for the Public Interest, our public partner in the program to solicit entries from public and civic groups.

Doug Cummings (by phone) Rob Hess distributed a memo Doug Cummings sent concerning a possible program to discuss relations between the media and the police.

To the Headline Club Board: I hope you look favorably on the idea of the “Behind the Badge” seminar which I’ve suggested to Rob. I’ve taken the liberty of preparing a very preliminary proposal for how the program might be structured. I welcome any suggested revisions. I have two specific goals in mind for the seminar. I’d like to be certain this is viewed as a serious refresher for experienced journalists as well as an intro for beginners. Frequently, I hear the comment “Anybody with a notebook can cover the cops…:” Cops on the street and in my media-relations classes strongly disagree. Goal one is to try to get experienced producers, editors, working reporters and news directors all involved in this seminar..not just interns and newbies. Secondly, I’d like to give a voice to crimedisaster victims and learn some better ways to cover them (cops are offended by many of the tactics we use and judge us by them.) The December Quill discusses the topic in some depth. Perhaps we can draw a speaker panelist or two from the expert resources mentioned therein or come up with some of our own.

Rob and I agree we should market this seminar to policefire personnel as well as the media. I welcome thoughts on how we might do so. In fact, I seek your input and help in every aspect of preparing this seminar. The role-playing concept, especially, needs some creative consideration if it is to be successful. Please feel free to contact me at any time. My phone number is 847-432-1677 and my e-mail address is

Suggested Schedule: 9:00-9:30 Registration 9:30-9:45 IntroOverview 9:45-10:30 Top 10 Conflicts Between Police and Media {2 cops, 2 reporters,-Moderator Subject:Self-Explanatory) OR Role-Playing Exercise 10:30-11:30 Legal Rights vs Street Negotiation You Can’t Cover the Story From a Jail Cell (2 States Attorneys Media LawyerCopModerator) Subject: Discussion of the difference between a reporter’s legal rights and what actually takes place on the street. Rights of the police. How FOI laws don’t help covering breaking news. How we can protect ourselves legally and still get the story. 11:30-12:30 Conflict ResolutionDr. , Chief Brookfield WI Fire Dept. Subject: practical ways for reporters and cops to handle conflict situations. View video. “Conflict at the Crime Scene” produced locally by Network Video Producers 12:30-1:30 Lunch (High Profile Speaker?) 1:30-2:30 High Profile Police Representatives interviewed by High Profile Media Members, Or Role-Playing Exercise if not done earlier. 2:30-3:30 Victims of Crime Speak Out About the Media (2-3 victims AdvocateReporterTrauma ExpertModerator Subject: How victims view media coverage. Suggestions for approaching victimswitnesses. 3:30-3:45 Break. 3:45-4:45 Tradecraft (3 Reporters3 Cops Moderator) Subject Tips for getting information from the police. Softball vs Hardball Approaches Sources (Could have a casual reception following seminar andor dinner for presenters and staff.)

Brown Bag: Marcia Barancik reported that there will be a substitution for the Jan. 28 Brown Bag,. Since Jonathon Towers is unable to join us the speaker will be Greg Jacobs , supervising producer of Tower Productions, who will discuss the effect cable TV has had on investigative journalism. The February brown bag will be broadcast sports writers and reporters.

FOJ: Maria Traska asked the board to think a little about the organizing principles. She suggested that we regard these sessions as professional development programs. Maria also pleaded for ideas for a keynote speaker by Jan 21, if the program is to be held by Mar,. 11. Northwestern Law School gave us two possible dates: Feb. 26 and Mar.11

Journalist: Diane Monk said she will continue to edit the Journalist but needs both writers and other editors. It was suggested that Diane write a job description for editors. John McClellan said he will assist Diane as much as he can given his teaching obligations. New Media Committee: Rob gave the report on Tom LaPorte’s behalf. He said the committee is now assembling a group and anyone interested in participating should contact Tom.

The next board meeting will be 5:30 February 16 on the 24th flr of the Tribune and we are again being encouraged to invite guests.