Board Minutes – 04/2001


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

April 5, 2001

Present: Ilyce Glink, Mary Myers, Casey Bukro, Howard Dubin, Pat Kosar, Paula Brien, Bob Roberts, Marsha Barancik, Diane Monk, Molly McDonough, Ed Cooper, Becky Beaupre, Christine Tatum, Rob Hess, Steve Rynkiewicz, Maria Traska, Phil Potempa, Russell Bath, a woman whose name I didn’t get, and Susan S. Stevens

Ethics AdviceLine: Casey will have 2,000 more ethics wallet cards printed, also more flyers. The line has received 20 calls since opening Jan. 22. The team met Tuesday and adopted a confidentiality policy which includes reporters who call and just ask about the Adviceline. Unless they give permission, they have confidentiality. This, even though the information is published and in the public domain. Casey said David Ozar wants to err on the side of confidentiality. Concern was expressed about our liability insurance being adequate. Casey said Ozar noted that in the entire history of advicelines in this country, there never has been a lawsuit. Several board members said once something is published, the confidentiality is lost. Casey expects further refining of the rules. Casey also reported that the Loyola contract is history. Jon Duncan will be asked to examine what comes next, in the form of grant requests and grants.

Casey also reported four entries for the Ethics Award competition: Bonnie McGrath for an article she wrote for Chicago Lawyer, perennial Carol Marin, retired Sun-Times investigative reporter Charles Nicodemus and The Chicago Reporter’s “Profits or Puppets” story about black ministerial support of Mayor Richard M. Daley. The board discussed whether these qualified, and generally agreed they did not. Molly suggested Streetwise, which had a tumultuous year. That is being investigated.

Internships: Diane’s motion to award at least one internship, grant, stipend, whatever you want to call it before the end of the year was seconded by Susan and passed after debate. Howard said Diane’s fundraising brought in $5,700.

Ilyce said the Internship+ fair brought in $500 from Crain’s and $500 from WGN-TV, with others among the nine participating organizations offering aid in the future.

Membership: Howard said we’ve traditionally had 350-450 members. Now, it’s officially 250. “This is a serious drop,” which reflects national headquarters. Ilyce recommended the Headline Club withdraw from SPJ. Christine made a motion that we collect $20 for local dues, then send national a list of contact information so it can collect national dues. Ilyce seconded.Motion carried. Chris is conveying the information to national. This is to be announced at the Lisagor banquet.

Treasurer’s report: Howard asked that the board reimburse Marsha for $175 she spent going to regional. Board agreed. Howard said the treasury has a surplus of $7,000 and assets of about $54,000. Grants will take over funding of the Adviceline.

New terms: Marsha said the slate will be in the next flyer.

Membership night: Chris said it will be May 17 in Campbell Hall, with SPJ President Ray Marcano attending. The slate will be voted on that night. Also, an initiation ceremony will be conducted.

Lisagor: April 27. Board voted to spend up to $500 on a band which will play through the cocktail hour(s). A Powerpoint presentation, which cost about $1,600 last year, will not be done.

Ethics: Bob Roberts reported ups and downs extensively. Entire report was sent to board by e-mail the morning of the meeting.

High School Essay Contest: Molly said the winner has been submitted to National. The topic: “What a free media means to America.”

Chris Terry, Art Menke and Phil Potempa were nominated to attend the SPJ leadership conference in Indianapolis in June.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens