Board Minutes – 05/2006

Board meeting May 25, 2006
President-Elect Jason Jedlinski called the meeting to order, subbing
for President Meg Tebo who was present but weary from moving into her
new condo.
Present: Jason, Meg, Howard Dubin, Molly McDonough, Phil Potempa,
Michelle Stevens, Bonnie McGrath, Kristen McQueary, Julia McEvoy,
Susan S. Stevens and, briefly, Abdon Pallasch.
Board approved minutes from February, March and April without discussion.
SPJ convention: Board approved ordering 1,440 more reporters notebooks
for $1,320, with one going into each of the swag bags distributed to
attendees and about 500 left over for new member welcome kits and
other distributions during the year. Board also approved spending up
to $2,000 to print CHC T-shirts saying “If your mother says she loves
you, check it out” to sell at the convention expo, and will pay for a
Slating: Board approved nominations of Richard Brust, ABA Journal, for
vice president for freedom of information, and Milbert O. Brown Jr.,
Chicago Tribune, for a board position through June 2008.
Jason said he wants our programs to reach out to the public as well as
journalists, and hopes to free our volunteers from administrative
minutiae so they can focus on advocacy efforts and the real substance
of our programs.
We will meet Sat. July 8 for the annual President’s Breakfast and
planning meeting. No meeting in June.
Meeting adjourned, followed by annual membership meeting.
At the membership meeting, Meg presented a gavel to Jason and Red
Lobster gift certificates to Molly to thank them for their help during
her tenure. She also gave verbal thanks to the rest of the board,
saying, “Everybody worked hard.”
Molly moved and Jason seconded accepting the slate. Members approved
the motion by voice vote, without opposition.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens