Board Minutes – 09/2003


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

September 16, 2003

President Ben Bradley called the meeting to order at 8:10 a.m.

Present: Ben, Meg Tebo, John Camden, Michelle Stevens, Lucio Guerrero, Scott Keenan, Diane Carbonera, Howard Dubin, Bob Roberts, Carlos Hernandez Gomez, Abdon Pallasch, Steve Rynkiewicz and Susan S. Stevens.

Meg announced President Ex-Officio Molly McDonough had her baby Sept. 10. Congratulations!

Minutes: August minutes were approved without correction.

President’s report:
Police Credentials
Ben said the Chicago Police Department’s proposed requirements for press cards were sent to about 400 journalists. CPD would never have put it in writing if the Headline Club had not balked, he said. That itself is a victory. Some things are noticeably absent. Police say fingerprints won’t be kept in state or federal databases but that is not stated in CPD guidelines, only that fingerprints won’t be kept in the CPD database. Ben called Mayor Richard M. Daley’s news secretary, Jackie Heard, to see if reporters could get into Daley’s fifth floor conference room without CPD passes. Probably not.

John said he got eight responses to e-mails about the issue, seven of them significantly against the proposed rules. One opponent was Bernie Judge, publisher of the Law Bulletin Publishing Co.

Bob said Illinois Radio Network and Associated Press would not apply for press cards.

Ben said newsroom managers generally don’t like it, but don’t want to inhibit news coverage. CPD is not deciding who is and who isn’t a journalist.

He asked members to talk to newsroom managers and e-mail their positions.

(Since the board meeting, Ben has set up a meeting with police at 1 p.m. Fri. Sept. 26 at police headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan Ave. CHC encourages news organizations and journalists to attend and not to apply for credentials until after the meeting.)

Staff Coordinator
Pat Kosar will be it.

Susan moved and Howard seconded that Pat be offered the job as an at-will position for six months (moved by Ben and seconded by Bob).
Pat will work an average of one day a week and be paid in the low 20s per hour.

She will be happy to keep projects on track and will take directions from the president.

Pat is a former CHC vice president and Lisagor chair. She was on the board six or seven years. She can’t remember how many.

She works another job Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She is a former community newspaper journalist and employee of the former Illinois attorney general.

Membership Report:
John said we have 443 members, 393 on his e-mail list. Work on the directory has been stalled because of the Brownlee Series.

We need table sales for the Oct. 3 Brownlee.

Treasurer’s Report:
Howard said we have $102,000. We’re off the IRS hook for $1,540 in back taxes because of his effort. Now he has to figure out how to get the money back. Accounts for last year are in a CPA’s hands for doing those tax returns.

Howard moved and Abdon seconded a resolution to make Howard “official signer.”

SPJ Convention:
Ben, Howard and Casey Bukro attended the national convention where CHC received three awards:
1. Sunshine Award (credit to Bob and Phil Kadner) for its work with Lisa Madigan on the Verbatim Records Act.
2. Circle of Excellence for professional development, the Brownlee Series spearheaded by Christine Tatum.
3. A tie with Louisville, Ky. For Outstanding Large Professional Chapter in Region V.

We’re the largest chapter.

Bob said Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan told him she’s interested in putting out new materials and a program on the new law. Bob suggests a CD-Rom. Contact him with your ideas.

Lucio said several things led to the cancellation of the last Brown Bag. He’s thinking about moving it to a day other than Friday.

Chris asks that everyone complete assignments and attend the events. Such as bring friends and co-workers Oct. 3 and Oct. 8. Volunteers are needed for the Oct. 18 professional development workshops. Brownlee is getting attention from National and from foundations that might contribute next year.

Steve said he will trim the number of subcategories and see about the possibilities of changing the venue and finding a new plaque-maker.

PRN series:
Meg said the September session with PR Newswire was called off because speakers were not available. One will be in November and three will be in the spring.

Howard said the first meeting was held and papers were signed. Foundation directors will be filing shortly for 501(c)3 status.

Next meeting:
Ben will ask board members to be a half-hour early for a Brownlee event for a short board meeting next month. An e-mail notice will be sent to give us the time and date.

After that, Ben will work out a schedule with more advance notice of meetings.

Adjourned at 9:08 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens