Board Minutes – 11/2005


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

November 2, 2005

President Meg Tebo called the meeting to order at noon. Howard Schlossberg provided lunch while hosting at Columbia College.

Present: Meg, Howard S., Michelle Stevens, Howard Dubin, Deb Cohen, Art Menke, Jason Jedlinski, Molly McDonough, Casey Bukro, Steve Rynkiewicz, Jerry Campagna,Andrew Schneider, Phil Potempa, Bonnie McGrath, Julia McEvoy and Susan S. Stevens.

Minutes from last meeting were approved, subbing final Brownlee Series numbers for tentative ones.

President’s report: “We had a very successful trip to Vegas,” Meg said. Megsucceeded in defending the Sunshine Award to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan before the SPJ Board on the Saturday before the convention. CHC won Chapter of the Year and Circle of Excellence award for communications programs.The Chapter of the Year plaque will go to Ben Bradley because he was president when it was earned (it’s for 2004-05). The Circle of Excellence plaque was given to Jason at the board meeting because it honored our stellar communications programs, and he is most responsible for them. Molly won the SPJ Howard Dubin Outstanding Pro Member – Large Chapter Award at the convention and she was elected member-at-large to the SPJ Board. Former CHC president and Brownlee Series founder Christie Tatum was elected president-elect of SPJ. Her term begins at the next SPJ convention, which will be here in Chicagoin August 2006.
Board discussed SPJ’s Judith Miller Award and whether to protest it following receipt of a proposal from the Northern California SPJ chapter, which asked us to sign on to their petition to rescind. Those who attended the convention reported that the Assembly passed two resolutions, one honoring Miller for protecting her source; the other expressing the sense of SPJ that confidentiality should not be promised lightly and that on-the-record sources are always preferable wherever possible. Our board agreed that these two resolutions adequately addressed the issue, and thus declined to sign on the NoCal petition. Howard Dubin so moved and Steve seconded it. Board voted in favor of the motion, with three dissents. Meg said she would notify NoCal of our board’s decision not to support the petition.
Hosty: The U.S. Supreme Court asked Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to file a response in the Governors State University newspaper case. She had initially declined to do so. Meg said this does not bode well, but Molly said it does.
FOI script has been drafted by Andy Schneider and Wade Thompson. Meg is reviewing it.
Book Bash: as of the meeting, 25 tickets had been sold. Meg said board members must attend, bring at least one guest, call five people. Molly said we needed 100 RSVPs by the following week or we might have to cancel. Hang flyers in three good places. Jerry said he’d put a quarter page in Reflejos. Book Bash will replace our holiday party. For more info,

Programs: Jason said the Brownlee series was a success. We lost less money than last year. He suggests someone next summer start lining up sponsors. Meg said the loss was money well spent because it is a public service.
Suburban: Art said the west suburban event for small newspaper staffs went well and did much to reestablish CHC connections out there.
Federal archives: Bonnie reported on the South Side event, which was really interesting.
Both the workshop and the federal archives tour are events we are likely to repeat.

Jason said he is working on a Chicago Journalist. More information is posted on, but we need to bring over a lot of content and maybe get a Medill student involved.

Lisagors: Molly said the entry form mailing, hopefully, will be soon along with Ethics and Watchdog awards forms. The Lisagor entry form will be in a separate mailing from the Watchdog and Ethics nomination forms. Despite the added expense, the board agreed this will bring a better response to both mailings. Molly plans a preliminary Lisagor budget by the end of the year.

Membership: Deb said CHC has @450 members. She presented several proposed logos. Jerry moved that we take a full-text logo for now, plan a retreat in the next 30 or so days to come up with a concept to give artists, and be done by mid-January. Howard S. seconded it. Motion approved. We will meet for a half day on a Saturday in Arlington Heights, date to be announced.

Treasurer’s report:
“We’re doing exactly what we should be doing,” Howard Dubin said.
Assets at end of fiscal year June 30, 2005 $125,242.87
Assets as of Oct. 31, 2005 97,707.87
Difference (27,535.00)
Out of the ordinary expenses account for much of the difference:
We paid $9,247 to end the SDX grant to Ethics AdviceLine which had been included in our assets.
We gave a $10,000 grant to the Chicago Headline Club Foundation.
We paid $871 to set up and maintain our new MemberClicks website.
We gave $300 to Journalism Education Association scholarships
We paid $921 for national convention expenses.
These total $21,339

In addition, we conducted multiple program and meal events:
Lifetime Achievement Dinner at Chicago Athletic Association
NPR panel & discussion at 410 Club
First Amendment Forum luncheon at Loyola
Suburban papers event at Elmhurst Museum
Bus tour
Archives program
Some required printed programs, food, publicity, speakers’ expenses. We are still owed some money from co-sponsors. While we did “lose” money on the above programs, they are what we should be doing

Ethics: Casey said Ethics week is April 24-29, with a November 15 grant deadline. Howard D. suggested an AdviceLine discussion for a program. Casey said he needs nominations for the Ethics Award, sooner than later. Contact him with suggestions. We need another professional journalist for the AdviceLine board. He asks for a new CHC grant to AviceLine, which we started with an $8,000 grant in 2003. He is asking another $8,000. Money goes primarily for promotions, mailings, business cards, posters and some administrative costs. Phil moved and Andy seconded Casey’s request, with the stipulation that he not ask for more this fiscal year. Motion passed.

Andy will coordinate an NPR “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” event. We might also follow a doctor’s suggestion and do an event on better health reporting.

Discussion of convention expenses. No conclusion. A budget committee will be formed. E-mail Meg if you want to be on it.

Medill Chapter wants to re-involve itself in CHC. Meg will ask Medill and the other student chapters to send a representative to the next meeting.

If you know anyone who will do audio and/or visual taping for the website – cheaply – contact Jason.

Studs Terkel Award nominees – contact Thom Clark at Community Media Workshop if you have ideas.

Remember to plan a half-day retreat and board meeting in December.

Adjourned at 1:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens