Board Minutes – 07/2008

Chicago Headline Club Board Meeting Minutes
Monday, July 14th
Bloomberg Offices

Present: Dawn Reiss, Susan Stevens, Kristen Schorch, Howard Dubin, Kathy Catrambone, Steve Walsh, Tim Inklebarger, Milbert Brown, Tony Noce, Suzanne McBride, Niki Dizon, Abdon Pallasch, Bonnie McGrath, Wes Bleed, Laura Putre
On Phone: Esther Cepeda, Jane Hirt, Kristen McQueary, Deb Cohen

Call to order: Dawn called meeting to order at 9:15.
Dawn went ahead and set the calendar of board meetings for the coming year to rotate from Mondays at 9:15 am to Thursdays at noon.
Her primary goals for the year include overhauling the CHC Web site and achieving a successful revamp of Lisagor categories.

Programs: All programs need to go through Beth Konrad. Kristen Schorsch and Milbert Brown volunteered for the program committee. Esther Cepeda volunteered to help with publicity for the programs.

Priscilla MacDougall Yearly CHC Mixer: Priscilla is hosting her annual media party on August 24th. Dawn’s vision is to open the event up to other media associations and use it as a broad mixer. Dawn encouraged board members to go.

Teaching Journalism in Chicago: Suzanne McBride said that Columbia College will be hosting an event the evening of Sept. 23rd about teaching journalism. The event will be co-sponsored with AWJ. Details forthcoming.

SPJ National Convention: Convention will be held Sept. 4 -7 in Atlanta. National SPJ Convention in Atlanta. Howard Dubin and Sue Stevens plan on attending. We have nine open delegate spots in total, says Dawn, who plans to offer spots to members.

Executive Director Position: Dawn provided a brief recap of the Executive Committee meeting at the Tribune to discuss details of Kathy Catrambone’s position. She is seeking feedback from the board.

Budget Update: Howard Dubin says we spent about $10,000 more than we budgeted. He attributed it to a decline in entries at the Lisagors. “We have to watch our pennies this coming year,” Howard says.

Lisagor Committee: Abdon Pallasch, Suzanne McBride, Niki Dizon and Deb Cohen have volunteered for the Lisagor Committee, which Dawn has asked Program VP Beth Konrad to chair. Dawn requested that they also take on oversight of the Lifetime Achievement Awards, which may next year be folded into the Lisagors.

Lifetime Achievement Awards: Dawn was looking for some sponsorship, with help from Beth and the publicity chair. Dawn suggests that we have someone from our local market be the speaker, rather than flying someone in. Jane Hirt, Tim Inklebarger and Tony Noce agreed to help Beth with the Lifetime Committee for this year. Kathy Catrambone is exploring venues for the event. Steve Walsh raised the idea of combining Lifetime and Lisagor to streamline costs and boost attendance. The program committee agreed to review the idea and report back at the next board meeting.

Region 5 Convention: Will be first weekend in April. Richard Roth, former region head, has stepped down.

Internet Committee: Tim Inklebarger and Lisa Donovan have agreed to co-chair a committee dedicated to the overhaul of the CHC Web site. Mel Goh will help as well. Dawn recommends that this is one place we need to invest.

Membership Committee: VP of Membership Laura Putre requests help with this committee.

Meetings through year-end:
Thursday, Aug. 14th, noon
Monday, Sept. 15th, at 9:15 am
Thursday, October 16th, noon
Monday, November 17th, 9:15 am
Thursday, December, 11th, noon