2001 Lisagor Winners

2001 Lisagor Awards Winners


–The Times, “LTV call it quits,” Allen Johnson
–The Times, general excellence, Matt Erickson
–The Chicago Reporter, “Chicago Matters: Education Matters,” Jim McGowan
–Crain’s Chicago Business, “Ready to Land,” Timothy Mollette-Parks
–ChicagoBusiness.com, “Ready to Land,” staff


–Chicago Tribune, analysis of the World Trade Center collapse, Blair Kamin
–Chicago Journal, general excellence, Brett McNeil
–Chicago Tribune, general excellence, Richard Christiansen
–Chicago Reader, theater columns, Brian Nemtusak
–WBEZ, “Steelworker Poet,” Shirley Jahad
— CLTV, “Good Eating” spice series, Steve Dolinsky, Nelson Howard


–The Times, ” ‘Don’t Move,’ Police Catch a Robber,” John Watkins
–Daily Herald, “The Hidden Scourge,” Scott Mahaskey
–The Times, “Death as a Beginning,” Carlos J. Ortiz
–Daily Southtown, “Cubs Win,” Joseph P. Meier


–Chicago Sun-Times, “Drug Label Loopholes,” Mark Skertic
–Chicago, “Surviving O’Hare,” Robert Kurson
–MediaTracks Inc., Radio Health Journal: Postpartum Depression, Reed Pence, Joe Bartosch
–WMAQ, “Losing Sight,” Dave Savini, Michele Rubenstein


–Chicago Sun-Times, “They Almost Died in Camp,” Jay Mariotti
–Chicago, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Greatest Athlete in Chicago,” Robert Kurson
–Daily Southtown, general excellence, Phil Arvia
–Pro Football Weekly, “How About Some Common Sense,” Ron Pollack
–WBBM, “Chicago Marathon,” Bob Roberts


–Chicago Tribune, “Blue Collar Blues,” Melia Marie Garza, Robert Manor, Stephen Franklin
–Daily Southtown, “Burden of Inequity,” Kristen McQueary, Guy Tridgell
–Bloomberg News, “Dimon’s Profit Drive at Bank One,” Scott Silvestri
–BusinessWeek, “Management Lessons From the Bust,” Joseph Weber, Ben Elgin, Peter Burrows, Michael Arndt
–Crain’s Chicago Business, “Ready to Land,” Robert Reed, staff
–WBBM, “Meigs Field,” Bob Roberts
–WLS, “Protecting Your Investments,” Leah Hope, Brian Dolan


–Chicago Sun-Times, “The Gift: A Transplant Journey,” Chris Fusco
–Daily Southtown, “A Stranger at the Door,” Alice Hohl
–Associated Press, “One Lost Boy,” Sharon Cohen
–Chicago, “The Longest Wait: A Love Story,” Robert Kurson
–ABA Journal, “Law in the Vast Lane,” Jenny B. Davis
–WFMT, “War Letters,” Steve Robinson, Louise Frank, Eric Arunas, Studs Terkel, Lisa Flynn
–WFLD, “The Experiment in Black and White,” Mark Saxenmeyer, Darlene Hill, Lou Hinkhouse, David Tresnowski, Chris Davis, Dennis Wood
–La Raza, “La Experiencia Immigrante en Chicago,” Raul Dorantes, Febronio Zataran


–Chicago Tribune, general excellence, Alan Solomon
–Daily Southtown, general excellence, Phil Kadner
–Chicago Journal, general excellence, Lydialyle Gibson
–Chicago, “Finding Heart,” Jeffrey Zaslow
–WBEZ, “This American Life: One Brain Shrinks, One Brain Grows,” Julianne Hill, Ira Glass, Julie Snyder, Starlee Kine


–Chicago Sun-Times, general excellence, Jack Higgins


–Chicago Tribune, general excellence, John McCormick
–Near West/South Gazette, CHA/ABLA editorial series, William S. Bike, Mark J. Valentino, Gail Mansfield
–Catalyst, “Been there, done that, Mr. President,” Linda Lenz


–Chicago Tribune, “Cops and Confessions” and “The Roscetti Case,” Ken Armstrong, Steve Mills, Maurice Possley
–Daily Herald, “The Hidden Scourge,” Madeleine Doubek, Sara Burnett, Alicia Fabbre, Scott Mahas Key, Erin Holmes
–The Chicago Reporter/Catalyst, “Chicago Matters: Education Matters,” Dan Weissmann, Brian J. Rogal, Maureen Kelleher, Sarah Karp, Elizabeth Duffrin, Mick Dumke, Brett Schaeffer, Jody Temkin
–The Chicago Reporter, “The Color of Justice on Cook County Juries,” Rui Kaneya, Alden K. Loury
–WBBM, “Buried Without Honor,” Steve Miller
–WTTW, “Chicago Matters: Education Matters,” Leonard Aronson, Jay Shefsky


–Chicago Sun-Times, World Trade Center coverage, Bryan Smith, Frank Main
–Chicago Sun-Times, “CHA’s Big Gamble,” Curtis Lawrence, Kate N. Grossman
–Daily Herald, “The Shooter’s Sordid Life,” Shamus Toomey, David R. Kazak, Teresa Mask, Dave Mann, Diana Wallace, Melynda Findlay, Eric Krol, Justin Kmitch, Jeff Kuczura
–The Times, series on Lake County plea bargains, William Lazarus
–Chicago Reader, “A Hell of a Deal,” John Conroy
–Reuters America, coverage of McVeigh execution, Michael J. Conlon
–The Chicago Reporter, Juries and Justice series, Alden K. Loury, Micah Holmquist, Ellyn M. Ong
–Chicago, “The Day Clout Struck Out,” Steve Rhodes
–Chicago Tribune, An Afghanistan Diary in Pictures and Words, Pete Souza, Mark Hinojosa, Dan Kening
–WBBM, “Navistar Shooting,” Regine Schlesinger, John Cody, Craig Dellimore, Keith Johnson, Steve Miller, Jim Benes, Dwayne Gray
–WLS, “From Ground Zero to the Battlefront,” Chuck Goudie, Ann Pistone, Stephen Erwin
–Kurtis Productions, “Investigative Reports: Death Penalty on Trial,” Bill Kurtis, Sharon Barrett
–Exito, Ana Esparza series, Jorge Luis Mota

There were no awards in the television categories graphics, videography, sports, Spanish language, commentary and editorials.