2002 Lisagor Winners

2002 Lisagor Awards Winners


–ChicagoTribune, “The Human Cost of Coal Mining,” David Jackson
–Daily Southtown, “Church Sex Scandal,” Allison Hantschel
–The Star, “Aid & Profit,” Michael Drakulich
–Chicago, “The Remains of Knife 33,” John Cook
–ABAJournal, “Death Delayed,” John Gibeaut
–WBEZ, “Dealing With Life: One Man’s Story of Drugs and Public Housing,” Jamie Kalven, Steve Edwards
–WTTW, “Chicago Tonight: The Choice for Governor,” Elizabeth Brackett, Mary Field, Jessica Kaplan, Phil Ponce, Rich Samuels
–Exito, “Sin Documentos, No Hay Becas” (undocumented high-schooler wants to go to Harvard), Gerardo Cardenas, Ana Paus


–ChicagoTribune, “UAL Files for Bankruptcy,” John Schmeltzer, Tom McCann
–Daily Herald, “After 9 Years, a Break” (Brown’s Chicken slayings), David Orrick, Natasha Korecki, Shamus Toomey, Rhonda Sciarra, Lorilyn Rackl, Teresa Mask
–ABA Journal eReport, “States Revisit Death Sentence Cases,” John Gibeaut
–WBBM, “Hancock Scaffold Collapse,” Barry Kaufman, Bob Roberts
–CNN, “Miners Found,” Jeff Flock, Styke Dimas


–Chicago Tribune, “Unhealthy Hospitals: Infection Epidemic Carves Deadly Path,” Michael J. Berens, Bruce Japsen
–Chicago Sun-Times, “Maryville Is Losing Control,” Tim Novak, Chris Fusco
–Daily Herald, “The Hidden Scourge: How Young Lives Are Lost to Illegal Drugs,” Madeleine Doubek, staff
–The Regional News, “New Illnesses in Schools,” Beth Kink, Richard Parmater
–WBBM, “Day Care Criminals,” Steve Miller
–WLS, “Heartland Defenders,” Chuck Goudie, Ann Pistone, Jackie Denn, Mary Jaime
–Daily Herald/WMAQ, “Pros or Cons?” (criminals working as telemarketers), Dave Savini, Michele Youngerman, Dave Orrick, Madeleine Doubek, Matthew Byrne, Todd Roberts, Mark Ringo, Tim Horstman, Nancy Withers, Vince Munyon, Greg Schatz, Tony Vitale, Kathy Kuretich


–Chicago Sun-Times, “The Baby Ceiling,” staff
–Daily Herald, “A Child Chooses the Veil,” Pam DeFiglio
–Chicago Reader, “Death of a Scientologist,” Tori Marlan
–Chicago, “Enemy of the State,” Bryan Smith
–ABA Journal, “Grande Opportunity” (Hispanic lawyers at Texas-Mexico border), Jenny B. Davis
–Associated Press, “Too Many Fires,” Sharon Cohen
–WBEZ, “Dorothy Moves Out,” Andrea DeFotis, Robbie Harris, Mary Gaffney
–Exito, “Pesadilla Domestica,” Ana Paus


–Chicago Sun-Times, Mark Brown
–Daily Herald, Ray Hanania
–Crain’s Chicago Business, Robert Reed
–Chicago, “Looking for Mr. Potato Head,” Shane Tritsch
–Health Forum, “Editor’s Notes,” Mary Grayson
–Bloomberg News, “For the Consumer,” John F. Wasik
–WBEZ, “Inside Housing: Stories of Home,” Alex Kotlowitz, Amy Dorn


–Chicago Tribune, “Restoring Justice: Fixing the Death Penalty,” Cornelia Grumman
–The Regional News, Richard Parmater
–Chicago Wilderness, “Everyday Heroes,” “First, Do No Harm,” “Vacant Land,” Debra Shore


–Chicago Tribune, Rick Tuma


–Chicago Tribune, “A Final Accounting: The Fall of Andersen,” staff
–Daily Southtown, “Meyer Medical Bankruptcy,” Jonathan Lipman, Howard Ludwig
–Bloomberg News, “Banks Battle Back From Recession,” Scott Silvestri, Emily Schwartz
–Chicago Lawyer, “Accounting for the Andersen Lawyers,” Kristi O’Brien
–WBBM, “United Airlines Bankruptcy,” Kris Kridel, Sherman Kaplan, Len Walter, Duane Gray, Donna Johnson, Barbara Hillebrand, Ken Kosek
–CLTV, “Your Money: Children’s Show,” Bill Moller, Amy Simons, Patrick Barkley


–Chicago Sun-Times, “City Police Investigate R&B Singer R. Kelly in Sex Tape,” Jim DeRogatis, Abdon M. Pallasch
–Chicago Sun-Times, movie reviews, Roger Ebert
–Chicago Reader, “Rock Etc.,” Monica Kendrick
–Chicago Journal, columns, Lydialyle Gibson
–WFMT, “The Making of ‘Princess Magogo,’ ” Steve Robinson, Jan Weller
–WFLD, “Porn in the Heartland,” Mark Saxenmeyer, Lou Hinkhouse


–Daily Herald, “Title IX, Then and Now,” Patricia Babcock McGraw, Travis Miller, Sara Burnett, Naomi Dillon
–Daily Herald, Barry Rozner
–The Naperville Sun, “Full-Court Press,” Dan Wiederer
–Chicago Reader, “The Sports Section,” Ted Cox
–WLS, “For Love of the Game,” Cisco Cotto
–WTTW, “Chicago’s Harlem Globetrotters,” Jay T. Smith, John Callaway, Mike Leiderman, Alexandra Silets, Geoffrey Baer


–Chicago Sun-Times, “Ritalin Roulette,” Mark Skertic
–Chicago Reader, “Killer on the Loose” (flesh-eating bacteria at Evanston Hospital), Mike Sula
–WBEZ, “Beach Closings,” Shirley Jahad
–WLS, “Desktop Doctors,” Sylvia Perez, Christine Tressel, Jackie Denn, Mary Jaime


–Daily Southtown, “Area Casinos Nickel-and-Diming Slot Buffs,” Chris Hack
–Chicago Journal, “The Money Pits: Homeowners Sue Over Shoddy Workmanship,” Lydialyle Gibson
–WBEZ, “Top Dog,” Steve Dolinsky, Justin Kaufmann
–WMAQ, “Through the Roof,” Lisa Parker, Robin Green, Mark Ringo, Greg Sanchez


–Daily Herald, “Salon Crash,” Christopher Hankins
–Daily Herald, “Sept. 11 Memorial,” Brian Hill
–ChicagoReader, “Good-bye Freedom,” Lloyd DeGrane
–WLS, “The Final Round,” Patrick A. Keating


–Post-Tribune, front-page designs, Jon Gard
–Daily Southtown, Living, Life & Style section fronts, Bryan Barker
–Hospital & Health Networks, magazine design series, Chuck Lazar
–ChicagoTribune, ” ‘Liberty, Enlightening the World,’ ” Chris Soprych, Phil Geib
–Chicago Tribune, “Supercar: The Tanking of an American Dream,” Jill Blackman, Chris Handzlik, Sam Roe, Steve Layton, Gail Mitchell, Stephanie Spencer, Craig Parshall, Royce Vibbert, Geoff Dougherty, Mark Hinojosa, Brad Piper, John Owens, Ben Estes, Steve Rynkiewicz