BGA investigation reveals strong-arm tactics by Streamwood Park officials

If you have an opinion about how the Streamwood Park District does things, it may be wise to keep it yourself if you want additional information.

According to an investigation by the Better Government Association, “…The northwest suburban agency repeatedly ordered board members and staff not to talk to a reporter or “any other person requesting information” and circulated a link with a photo of a reporter so they knew who to avoid at a recent public meeting, according to emails obtained by the BGA under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, the state law that guarantees access to certain government records…”

The complete report can be found at BGA Report on Streamwood.

Nice, huh?

In an age when citizens are asking for more transparency, the folks who handle Streamwood’s parks and recreation facilities are thumbing their noses up not only at their constituency, by the media as well.

The BGA reports the target is its own Katie Drews who was checking into various expenses by the Streamwood Park Board.  In addition to not providing her information without a FOIA request, according to emails Drews acquired, Streamwood Park District officials have instructed staff and Board members to not answer her questions during public meetings.

As in open meetings.

With Streamwood Park officials taking this kind of approach, one has to wonder if they have a policy about bullying.  If they do, they should take a look at it.