CHC Board Meeting Minutes: July 14, 2018

Board of directors business meeting
Sat. July 14, 2018
President Alejandra Cancino called the meeting to order at 9:20 a.m. Also present: Patrick Boylan, Jason
Martin, Ben Meyerson, Robert Elder, Mike Ewing, Tahman Bradley, Dawn Rhodes, Stan Zoller, Howard
Dubin, Maya Dukmasova, Madhu Krishnamurthy, Suzanne McBride, Alex Hernandez, Maria Zamudio,
Matt Kiefer, Kristen Schorsch and Susan S. Stevens.
Alejandra said regular board meetings will be the first Friday of each month at Bloomberg. A full
schedule is in GoogleDocs at
Fwod0NdgiPhG18?usp=sharing . Board members can attend by phone, but actual presence allows
better participation. Read the bylaws, which Howard said he will update.
Minutes from the two previous meetings were approved as submitted.
President ex-officio Ben said the Lisagor competition was a great success, with 232 tickets sold for the
banquet. We presented about 100 awards for excellence in journalism, as well as Lifetime and Watchdog
awards. We picked up 40 new members with the one-night-only offer of a year’s free membership.
Treasurer’s report: Patrick said we have $98,000 in assets. He emailed us all pdfs of his full report.
Programs: Alejandra said the Chicago Media Mixer, of which we were a cosponsor, concluded with
acknowledgement of the need for a calendar with all media groups participating. Stan said the mixer drew
about 125 people.
FOIA: Stan said Loyola offered to again host FOIAfest. Dates offered: Feb. 23 and May 2. Kristen will
check to see if the dates conflict with other organizations’ events.
Lisagor: tentatively set for May 10. Howard will check with the Union League Club to see if that night is
Watchdog: Jason applied to the Driehaus Foundation for a new grant, $10,000 for two years. Half the
money goes for grants to journalists with limited budgets; the other goes to the annual Watchdog Award
SPJ Conference: Alejandra said we have seven delegate votes this year. CHC can cast all seven votes no
matter how few people attend. She, Ben, Howard, Maya and Suzanne plan to attend. Ben moved and the
board approved paying full expenses for Alejandra. Board previously approved up to $1,200 for other
attendees. Howard volunteered to pay his own way.
Foundation: Stan said we won’t do the summer Brownlee fundraiser this year. Our hostess is ill.
Maya proposed an August intern network event for summer programming, and will work on it. It will not
be a fundraiser but will be an effort to recruit new members.
Next meeting: Fri. Sept. 7. No August meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens, secretary