Howard S. Dubin receives Service Award from the Chicago Headline Club

The Lisagor Awards wouldn’t exist without Howard S. Dubin. Literally: He actually started them when he served as president of the Chicago Headline Club in 1977.

He’s also been a longtime fixture at the national Society of Professional Journalists—so much so that they have an award named after him.

Howard has been a tireless supporter of journalists locally and nationally, working on the front lines and behind the scenes to provide vital training to journalists. His wisdom, steady hand and sonorous voice have guided many a decision of both the Headline Club and its foundation.

In both roles, he has elevated the institution of journalism in our city and beyond. So, we recognize Howard with this special service award for all his hard work and dedication to the Chicago Headline Club.

“Chicago journalism has no better friend and no greater champion than Howard,” said Flynn McRoberts, a Headline Club board member and editor at Bloomberg News. “Anyone who has worked with him knows there is nothing he wouldn’t do or give to help our craft.” 

Howard has also been recognized in Northwestern University’s Medill Hall of Achievement. In 1957, he started Manufacturers’ News, Inc., a publishing firm in Evanston, Illinois.

“Howard’s impact on Chicago journalism can’t be overstated,” says Robert K. Elder, Headline Club President. “Yet, he works behind the scenes, seeking no recognition or praise. I hope that we embarrass him only a little with this acknowledgement of his years-long contribution to the Chicago Headline Club. It is long overdue.”

Former Headline Club president Ben Meyerson added: “Howard’s contributions to SPJ at large are unmatched, and we have been incredibly lucky to have a member of the Chicago Headline Club with so much insight and authority on a national scale. His generosity to both the Headline Club and SPJ is unrivaled, and we owe so much to him.”

Since this award was a well-kept secret, please email with your memories of working with Howard. We will continue to update this page after the announcement has been made.