Susan S. Stevens receives Service Award from the Chicago Headline Club

Susan S. Stevens is the backbone of the Chicago Headline Club. 

In addition to serving as the club’s longtime secretary, Sue has been our institutional memory and the voice of reason during times of transition.

Sue, who spent most of her journalism career at UPI and the City News Bureau, is a journalism pioneer who joined the Headline Club in 1969—the first year women were officially welcomed to join the Society of Professional Journalists.

It’s our pleasure to recognize Sue with this special service award for her passion and commitment to the Chicago Headline Club.

“I don’t know what I would do without Sue,” said Robert K. Elder, current Headline Club president. “She’s been a trusted advisor to me and countless presidents before me.”

Stevens is also one of the Club’s longest-serving members of the board, which she joined in 1988, and is the current president of the Chicago Headline Club Foundation, which provides scholarships and funding to local journalism initiatives.

“Sue is the heart and soul of the Headline Club,” said Flynn McRoberts, a fellow board member. “Her passion for the board’s mission is unrivaled. And her relentless commitment to its standards and vision has been a crucial driving force for more than three decades.”

Stevens also served as president of the Chicago Headline Club from 2010 to 2011.

Alejandra Cancino, former Headline Club president and an investigative reporter at Better Government Association, added this: “Every time Sue says she wants to retire, I hold my breath and pretend not to hear her. The truth is that we would be lost without her. “

Since this award was a well-kept secret, please email with your memories of working with Sue. We will continue to update this page after the announcement has been made.

“The Society of Professional Journalists and the Chicago Headline Club deserve everyone’s support because of the two things that have kept me deeply involved: journalism ethics and the constant fight for the First Amendment,” Steven said. “I’ve held every office except treasurer and program vice president, some such as membership VP and FOI VP for multiple years, and am proud that we won the national large chapter of the year award during my one term as president. I’ve always worked with great boards.Thank you for the honor, but I would like to share it with the many others who have worked extremely hard for the organizations and the profession.”