CHC Board Meeting: September 16, 2022

President Mike Ewing called the meeting to order around 9 a.m. Also present: Olivia Obineme, Tulsi Kamath, Gregory Karp, Amanda Vinicky, Molly McDonough Carson,Blair Chavis, Howard Dubin, Catherine Larkin, Michael Limon, Tahman Bradley, Jamie Golden Nesbitt, Veronica Harrison, Courtney Kueppers, Ray Long, Carlos Ballesteros, Jillian Melero, Taylor Moore, and Susan S. Stevens.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved as submitted by Susan.

President’s report: Mike asked us to view the tentative calendar for the upcoming year. to review committee needs, and to volunteer for unfilled slots.

For the SPJ Conference, Mike and Olivia will go as official delegates. Jillian has a conflict. We approved a motion to offer them stipends of up to $1,500 for transportation, lodging and other expenses. We also approved offering the same reimbursement to up to five members, at the discretion of the president. Board member Suzanne McBride also will attend though not as a delegate but as part of the Columbia College chapter. Jamie said she is interested in attending.

Treasurer’s report: Greg says we have $96,019 in our treasury. Our foundation has $71,498, most of it committed to various projects. He is working with vice presidents on their budgets. We got a $15,000 Driehaus Foundation grant for FOIAFest ($12,500) and Watchdog ($2,50). Full report at:
Check this also for links to his budgeting system, reimbursement form, etc.

Programs: Nona Tepper plans an October networking meeting with other journalism groups. She will have a program committee meeting next week.

Awards: Cathy asks for feedback on Lisagor categories to prepare for new entry forms. Banquet is tentatively set for Fri. May 12.

FOIAFest: Olivia will work to bring in more community members. It will be both in-person and online. Probably in March. Possible venues: Google in West Loop and Discover call center in Chatham. Both have great setups.

Website: Mike said it is again not secure. He is working on that.

Next meeting: Fri. Oct. 7, via Zoom.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens, secretary