CHC Board Meeting: October 7, 2022

President Mike Ewing called the meeting to order around 9 a.m. Also present: Olivia Obineme, Tulsi Kamath, Gregory Karp, Amanda Vinicky, Molly McDonough Carson, Catherine Larkin, Michael Limon, Jamie Golden Nesbitt, Veronica Harrison, Courtney Kueppers, Carlos Ballesteros, Jillian Melero, Adam Rhodes, Nona Tepper, Veronica Harrison, Alejandra Cancino, Mary Hall and Susan S. Stevens.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved as submitted by Susan.

Board acknowledged the fine job board member Tahman Bradley, missing from today’s meeting, did at last night’s gubernatorial debate.

President’s report: Mike said we all should think of specific leads for programming. Tell Nona. —Stipends are still available for those wanting to attend the SPJ national conference.
–Unanimous vote for the one person one vote bylaws change at the national conference, with the provision that SPJ commit to electronic option in the next year or two.

Foundation: Molly said Michael Puente has joined the CHCF board. She is working on plans for long-term fundraising.

Treasurer’s report: Greg is working on budgets, which donor foundations always request.
As of today, CHC has $95,796 in the bank. CHCF has $71,498, of which $18,974 is not restricted.

Website: In a nutshell, Mike said it is fixed and now has high security.

Programs: Budget of $2,000 approved at Nona’s request. Scores of people have already sent RSVPs for the all-media gathering at 6:30 p.m. on Thurs. Oct. 20 at The Sedgwick Stop, 1612 N. Sedgwick St.

Awards: Board approved Cathy’s budget for Lisagor. Rather than pay one coordinator $2,500 as this year, she wants to outsource specific projects. Her first committee meeting will be Thursday – all are welcome.

FOIAFest: Olivia said it will be all day Sat. March 11 and hybrid, maybe at Google’s West Loop HQs. She will have a launch party March 10 and an after-party the evening of March 11. She will ask donors to commit to two or more years of funding. No budget yet.
Board member Taylor Moore will have a BootCamp co-lead, Jessica Villagomez of Northwestern University.

Northern Illinois Newspaper Association asks our help on an event Oct. 27 at Northern Illinois University.

Meeting adjourned at 10:01 a.m. Next meeting: 9 a.m. Fri. Nov 4.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens, secretary